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Here on our blog we'll post shop updates, sale notifications, and behind the scenes info, so be sure to check back for any of that info!

A Shop of Things is made up of two makers who are the makers of kitschy one hitters, hilarious hand embroideries, awesome pins and buttons, must have patches, beautiful gold glazed ceramics, charming magnets, colorful cute hand woven purses, badass cross stitches, trendy ash trays and funny lighters that all make great gifts of treats for yourself!

Everything in our shop from the marketing to the making is just the two of us- Gionna and Mia. Gionna is a K-6 art teacher and Mia is a freelance designer and in our spare time between bee keeping, plant keeping, hiking and adventuring we love running our small business! We met each other through a mutual friend and after sharing a table at a craft fair we decided to join forces and all of a sudden we had our own little business.

We both have so many interests and not enough time to explore all of them. Gionna is our ceramicist, weaver and book maker. Mia loves to cross stitch, write in curly handwriting and press pins. We find common ground in our love of color, text and humor.

We both live in Brooklyn in tiny apartments so running our business means we're having meetings at our kitchen table after work and setting up for craft fairs on the weekends. We both have full time jobs but this business is fun for us because it involves meeting people who fall in love with the things we love to make.

Gionna has a ceramics studio at her parent's house with a kiln in the garage so whenever work has to be done she heads back to NJ to put things in the kiln. After everything is fired if she's not there most people in her family now know how to turn the kiln off! Mia works out of her tiny apartment, usually stitching on her couch and editing photos at her kitchen table. She has a secret stash of embroidery hoops at the end of her bed and all of her craft supplies are hidden throughout her apartment.

We hope you find something you love that we made! You can't go wrong buying a Shop of Things gift for a friend (or for yourself.)

If you have any questions or would like anything custom made, just email us! We have many positive reviews on Etsy from lots of happy customers. For frequent updates, craft fair whereabouts and coupon codes, follow our instagram or find us on facebook or Pinterest.


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