Custom Work

Before we began our business, or rather I guess before our business was an official LLC, 100% of the things we were making were custom.
We would either make birthday gifts for friends using our skillz or we would be commissioned by friends or family to make gifts for their friends or family.
We still love to do custom work! For any inquiries just email with any and all suggestions.
Check out some stuff we've done in the past:
Gangster Wife custom stitch
Gangster Wife custom stitch
Shitty Adult custom stitch- this is the original version of the stitch in our shop that also now exists in patch form!
Badass Martha Stewart Stitch
Badass Martha Stewart custom stitch
We also make custom ceramics!
This pizza was made as a spliff extender to accommodate a customer's request.
Check our our custom reviews from customers on etsy!


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