Hi! You're probably here because there was a payment issue with your Burning Love order :(



So, what the hell happened?

Because we had an unprecedented number of orders during our December 7th drop (normally a good thing!) some transactions weren’t captured by our payment processor (not a good thing).

This means the card was authorized but never really charged – kind of like when a card is held on file at a hotel. 

Was my order affected?

The orders affected were placed on December 7th, 2020 and have order numbers BL-2905 through BL-3160.

What if my card was actually charged for the order?

Please do us a favor and double check your bank statement! Because the transaction was authorized it may have seemed like you were charged for a few days, but we promise that transaction dropped off and we didn’t get your payment. 

If you do see a posted transaction for the order please send us a screenshot! It would be super helpful for us to pass along to our payment processor. 

So now what?

You should receive an email to the order invoice from A Shop of Things (if not let us know and we can send you a link). 

It’s the same secure process as placing an order through the website, and you’ll receive an email confirmation once complete. 



If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to shoot us an email at help@ashopofthings.com!

Ultimately we couldn’t be happier that our customers are so excited, and I want to thank you for supporting Burning Love. We’d love to send you a discount code for a future order once your payment is complete!