Does A Shop of Things sell wholesale?

Hell yes! Send me an email hi@ashopofthings.com. Most wholesale orders ship within 2 days.

What's your return policy?

Unfortunately, because ASOT is so small (it's just me!) we do not accept returns at this time. You are free to send me an email with any comments and if I can arrange an exchange I will but all sales are final. 

What if I want to cancel or refund my order?

Because I ship out orders every other day chances are your order is already in the mail. Processing cancellations is time consuming and expensive and at this time my business is just me, I do not process cancellations.

When will my order ship?

All orders ship between 1-3 business days unless your item is handmade or there is a disclaimer on our main page (like if I am on vacation or if your item was a preorder!)

Which shipping carriers does A Shop of Things use?

All orders will ship USPS first class or priority mail and all orders can be tracked! Just check that email you got from A Shop of Things.

Does A Shop of Things ship internationally?

Yes! Everything except for LIGHTERS are available for international shipping! If you purchase a lighter it may never reach you due to specific customs requirements. In most cases it won't even be returned to me and I cannot offer a refund :( I do not screen every order and may not catch this! I'm sorry :( :(

Help! My order is lost!

Unfortunately, once your order leaves my shop and is in the mail, I cannot be held responsible for anything USPS has done to lose your package. If your package is stuck or lost, please contact USPS. If you contact me without speaking to USPS first I will tell you to contact USPS. 

My package was returned to sender, help!

I hate to say it but if your package was returned to me because the wrong address was entered you will have to re-pay for shipping. This happens so frequently that I cannot afford to cover the cost of re-shipping your order. You have 30 days to re-claim your order after it was returned to me and after a month if you have not reached out you will not be qualified for a re-shipment or a refund.

My item arrived and is damaged

Oh no! Please send me an email and I will review each claim on a case to case basis. If your item has a small manufacturing flaw that does not effect the design or the function you are not eligible for a replacement item. All inventory goes through a quality inspection before I ship it out so rest assured that this is an unlikely situation. If anything was damaged during shipping please reach out to me!

Where can I find out more about ASOT?

Follow me on instagram! Or check out my about page.

Does your apparel fit true to size?

Yup! Please check out the last photo in any apparel listing for a size chart. 

Where are you based?

I live in Nashville, TN! If you're in Nashville too and would prefer to do a studio pickup, please email me hi@ashopofthings.com 

Where can I find ASOT in my hometown?

Check out our list of stockists here! Know of a store that needs to carry our products? Let 'em know!


A Shop of Things cannot be help responsible for tracking or refunding any orders sent to the wrong address. Please be careful when choosing your shipping address!

Any package returned to me and not claimed within 30 days are not eligible to be refunded.

Any and all claims and inquiries must be submitted via email to be considered. Any claims or comments submitted via Instagram comments or DM might never be seen and therefore are not considered valid forms of communicating with me.